Welcome to Doré Products

dore_card_cropLes Produits Doré Products is owned and operated by beekeepers Ruth & George Wheatley in Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick, Canada.

We sell honeybees (queens, hives, and nucleus colonies), buy and sell honey, and provide beekeepers with a good product range of containers and other miscellaneous items you’ll find in our online price list pages. Queens, full hives and nucs are usually available in the spring, some imported and some of our own New Brunswick-bred stock.

Please feel free to visit us in Upper Coverdale, or contact us at the addresses/numbers below. We are normally here during the hours listed at the right. However, there are days that we may close in order to attend meetings, etc. If you are coming any distance, please call ahead!

Ruth & George Wheatley
Les Produits Doré Products
1848 Route 112
Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick
Canada E1J 1Y5
ruth@doreproducts.com / george@doreproducts.com
Phone 506-387-6804
Fax: 506-386-2599